Terms & Conditions

  1. You confirm and warrant that all the data and information supplied by you when you register on the Site and provided by you to Atyaf Home Entertainment and or any of Atyaf’s affiliates, distributors is true, current, complete and accurate in all respects.
  2. All the information must be verified and confirmed by the customer before the submission. ATYAF will not be responsible for any errors made by the customer during the time of registration. 
  3. During the subscription execution period, we (ATYAF) have the right to contact the customer for any corrections, clarifications or additions required in the data entered by the customer, but this is not mandatory that ATYAF will contact all the customers or this is not a justification for any mistakes that customer made during the time of subscription. 
  4. The process for activation will begin after the successful subscription process and payment confirmation, the process may start after 12 hours and it may take 72 hours. 
  5. While you are taking the subscription, the customer is agreeing that the channel (s) / or this content may change anytime during the subscription period and this authority is entrusted on the Channel owners.